3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
  Chapter 1 Family Law Matters
  Chapter 2 Undertakings
  Chapter 3 Land Registry and Land Acts Matters
  Chapter 4 Landlord and Tenant
  Chapter 5 New Houses / HomeBond / Builders and Negative Searches for Housing Developments
  Chapter 6 Farm Matters
  Chapter 7 Planning
  Chapter 8 VAT
  Chapter 9 Stamp Duty
  Chapter 10 Capital Acquisitions tax / Capital Gains Tax / Farm Tax / Residential Property Tax
  Chapter 11 Loans, Mortgages and Charges
  Chapter 12 Contract for Sale
  Chapter 13 Searches and Miscellaneous Matters
  Appendix 1 Precedent Family Law Declarations
  Appendix 2 Standard Rent Review Clauses
  Appendix 3 Specimen RIAI Architect's Opinions On Compliance
  Appendix 4 Revenue Commissioners' Statements Of Practice: Stamp Duty
  Appendix 5 Revenue Commissioners' Statements Of Practice: Capital Aquisitions Tax
  Appendix 6 Undertakings
  Appendix 7 Law Society Certificate Of Title Documentation
  Appendix 8 Specimen IEI / ACEI Certificate Of Compliance: Building Regulations