3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook


Computer requirements
This product will run on PC with Windows 98 or later and a suitable web browser such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox. Additionally the product can also be used on an Apple Mac but not all features, such as the install, are available.

Software requirements
As well as a web browser, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat PDF reader software installed. This software is free and the latest version for all types of computer can be downloaded from the Adobe website - www.adobe.com. An installation for Windows PCs is included in the Acrobat folder on the CD-ROM.

Running the product directly from the CD-ROM
For PC users, the product is designed to run directly from the CD-ROM without the need for an installation. Should this not start automatically, simply open the Start.htm file on the root of the CD-ROM with your web browser to access the Handbook.

Apple MAC users must open the Start.htm file on the root of the CD-ROM with your web browser to access the Handbook.

When running the product directly from the CD-ROM, the disk must be in the CD-ROM throughout the process.

Installing the product (PCs only)
It is possible to install the product directly to a PC. This means that the CD-ROM will no longer be required to access the product.

Run the D:\setup.exe (where D: is the letter of your CD-ROM drive) on the root of the CD-ROM and follow the on screen instructions.

Installing the product
Running without the CD-ROM on an Apple MAC is possible by simply copying over all the folders (except the Acrobat one) and all the HTML files on your computer. The product can then be accessed by opening the Start.htm file with your browser. Once open this location can be bookmarked using the browser's bookmark function for easy future access.

The product can be networked by copying all the folders and HTML files from the CD-ROM to a share network drive. Client computers can then access the Start.htm folder on the server to use the product. This file can then be bookmarked in the browser to allow easy future access.

Additional support
Should you have an additional help requirements, please e-mail handbook@lendac.ie