3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
13.1Registry of Deeds
13.2Interest on client accounts
13.3Use of Vendor and Purchaser Act summons procedure
13.5Declaration of  solvency
13.6Statute of limitations — deceased owner — recovery of land
13.7Pre-contract search by purchasers
13.7Insurance block policy
13.8Need to make companies office searches against builder /vendor
13.9Closing of a sale by post
13.11Purchasing from liquidator or receiver
13.13Roche -v- Peilow — follow up — deposits and stage payments on new residential properties
13.14Client funds on deposit receipt
13.16Solicitor’s Remuneration General Order, 1986 S.I. No. 379 of 1986
13.17Sale by receiver
13.17Closing by post
13.18Roads-in-charge certificates — are they too expensive?
13.19Roads in charge certificates
13.19Housing (Rent Tribunal) Regulations
13.20Evidence that roads and services are in charge of the local authority
13.21Powers of Attorney Act, 1996: enduring powers of attorney
13.22Requisitions on title — 1996 edition — notes
13.29Local Government (Multi-Storey Buildings) Act 1988
13.31Memorials in Registry of Deeds — list of queries arising most frequently
13.32Derelict Sites Act 1990
13.33Hotel licences
13.35Hotel licences
13.36Directors dealing with company — Section 29 Companies Act, 1990
13.38Automatic renewal of intoxicating liquor licence
13.39The doctrine of caveat emptor with regard to the structure of a property
13.41Renewal of liquor licences - 1992 — tax clearance certificate
13.42Local authority — shared ownership scheme
13.43Farm Retirement Scheme
13.46Sale by a receiver
13.46Closing sales by bank drafts
13.47Particulars delivered (PD) forms
13.48Sale of licensed premises — tax clearance certificates
13.50Conveyancing: expert witnesses
13.53Postal closings
13.55Insurance company bonds in relation to lost documents and defects on title
13.58Disclaimers on intestacy
13.59Assents and the decision in Mohan-v-Roche
13.60Obligations of vendor’s solicitor in relation to the explanation of non-monetary burdens which appear on folios or appear as “acts” on Registry of Deeds searches
13.62Voluntary dispositions/bankruptcy
13.65Disclaimers on intestacy
13.67Revision of Law Society’s requisitions on title — 1996 edition
13.68Enduring powers of attorney
13.69Joint carriage of sale
13.72Insurance on apartments or quasi-apartments
13.74Foreign lawyer’s opinion
13.78Conveyancing in euro
13.83Law Society requisitions on title — 2001 edition — explanatory memorandum
13.85Voluntary transfers
13.87New form C1 replaces form 47 for registration of mortgages / charges in the Companies Office
13.87Foreign lawyers’ opinions — an update
13.88Proposed Ordnance Survey annual licence fee
13.89The presumption of undue influence
13.91Deeds vesting common areas in management companies
13.92Disclaimers on intestacy
13.94“Section 23” type properties
13.95Registry of Deeds: requirement for county to be included in deed and memorial
13.96Endorsement of cheques
13.97Electronic searches in Land Registry
13.98Proposed changes to law on adverse possession
13.99Draft Land and Conveyancing Bill 2005 — adverse possession
13.100Transfer of conveyancing file to new solicitor where client’s title is not yet registered
13.102Non-personal closing
13.105Land Registry booklets of title on CD-Rom for new houses