3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
11.1Feeding the estoppel / vacate / release
11.3Discharge of mortgages out of proceeds of sale
11.4Conditions in loan approval
11.5Dublin Corporation and Dublin County Council mortgages
11.6Houses constructed by direct labour — practice of the Irish Permanent Building Society
11.7Checking identity
11.8Building society vacated mortgages
11.9Feeding the estoppel
11.11Undertakings to discharge mortgage on completion of sale
11.12Mortgagees’ solicitors and their borrowers — conflict of interest
11.13Combined drainage agreements — a charge on property
11.14Companies Office — Registration of Charges
11.16Mortgagees’ solicitors and their borrowers — conflict of interest — follow up
11.17Mortgagees’ solicitors and their borrowers — conflict of interest — clarification
11.19Release of bank mortgages
11.20Liability of vendor to discharge land purchase annuity
11.21Sale by mortgagee
11.24Redemption of mortgages and title documents
11.25S. 18 Housing Act, 1998 — release of mortgages
11.26Standard form bank debentures
11.27Insurance premium refunds arising on mortgage redemptions
11.28Certificates of title
11.29Discharge of vendors’ mortgages on completion of sales
11.29Certificates of title in residential (non-commercial) conveyancing
11.30Solicitors acting for borrowers
11.31Certificates of title in residential (non-commercial) conveyancing
11.33Undertakings: house in the course of construction — a reminder
11.34Mortgage redemption figures
11.35Equity release for the elderly:  preliminary information note
11.36Equity release schemes — a follow up
11.39Electronic transfer of funds
11.40Certificates of title in commercial lending
11.42Undertaking to furnish discharge / Land Registry certificate of charge
11.43Certificate of title system and Land Registry form 17
11.44Dating of certificate of title
11.45Endorsement of cheques