3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
9.1Transfers between related persons — application of 1% duty
9.1Stamp duty on assents
9.2Fraudulent contracts — a caution
9.3Adjudication of stamp duty
9.7Stamp duty on new houses
9.8Stamp duties — the Finance Act, 1990
9.9Finance Act 1991, Sections 80 to 111 — stamp duties
9.11Stamp duty on memorials
9.12Penalties for late payment of stamp duties — notice from Revenue Commissioners
9.14Stamp duty evasion
9.15Clawback of stamp duty exemption/partial relief
9.16New system for stamping deeds
9.19New stamping system
9.21Stamp duty:  transitional arrangements (Finance No. 2 Act, 2000)
9.22Finance (No. 2) Act, 2000 and Finance Act 2001
9.23Revenue certificates in assurances between spouses on separation or divorce
9.24Stamp duty claw back, rules for investors
9.26Stamp duty — floor area compliance certificate
9.27Stamp duty:  floor area compliance certificates
9.29Stamp duty relief — floor area compliance certificates: a follow up
9.30Stamp duty reliefs — Finance Act 2005
9.38Stamp duty where consideration for a sale or lease includes VAT
9.39Stamp duty certificates where consideration exceeds the top stamp duty threshold
9.40Floor area compliance certificates on closing
9.42Interlinked contracts and stamp duty
9.43Stamp duty treatment of rent review memorandum