3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
7.1Certificates of compliance with planning permission
7.2Planning permissions — certificates of compliance
7.3Architects’ certificates
7.4Houses held under transfer orders — consent to extensions
7.5Architects’ certificates
7.7Exempted developments
7.8Building bye-laws approval
7.9Fire Services Act, 1981
7.10House extension — failure to obtain building bye-laws approval
7.11Bye-law approvals
7.12Compliance with planning conditions when estate in charge
7.13Planning permission — exempted developments
7.14Certificates of compliance with planning permission — from what date must they be obtained?
7.14Certificates of compliance
7.15Exempted developments
7.16Local Government (Multi-Storey Buildings) Act, 1988
7.17Statement of payment of compensation — Local Government (Planning & Development) Act, 1990
7.18Building Control Act and building regulations
7.271992 Planning Act — new time limits
7.32Private residential property and clause 36 of the contract for sale
7.33The Law Society’s standard general conditions of sale
7.34Planning / building regulations — forms of certificate of compliance
7.53Who should certify compliance?
7.57Pre-contract requisitions and requisitions on title — Building Control Act, 1990, Building Control Regulations 1991 & Building Regulations 1991
7.61Law Society/RIAI: agreed statement — planning permission — opinions on compliance
7.62Architects’ certificates of opinion on compliance: reliance on confirmations from other professionals
7.63Retention permission — certificate of compliance needed?
7.64Safety files
7.73Building control
7.82Safety files and once-off houses
7.85Retention permission — dwellinghouses — certificate of compliance?
7.86Retention of building bye-law records: Dublin Corporation
7.86Warning:  IEI/ACEI certificate of compliance
7.87Conditions in planning permissions re sight lines: new problems for conveyancers
7.89New RIAI Form 1B (Apartments)
7.90Compliance with planning conditions
7.91New houses and exempted development
7.92Withering permissions — Planning and Development (Amendment) Act, 2002
7.93Pre-contract enquiries regarding protected habitats
7.94Planning condition requiring residence or employment of applicant in planning authority area
7.96Sight lines:  new problems for property owners and their conveyancers
7.98Evidence of compliance with planning conditions re. social/affordable housing
7.99RIAI ‘on-line’ opinions on compliance