3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
5.1HomeBond / guarantee
5.5Negative searches
5.6Houses constructed by direct labour — practice of the Irish Permanent Building Society
5.7Unregistered titles
5.8Building development
5.8Properties on housing estates
5.9Negative searches and builders
5.9Estate services
5.10Certificates of title in relation to houses in the course of construction
5.10New house grants
5.10Doctrine of caveat emptor with regard to the structure of a property
5.11Building contract for “once-off” houses
5.13Building contracts — lending institution’s requirements
5.14New house grants for first-time purchasers
5.14New house grants
5.15Return of completed building contract / agreement for sale
5.16HomeBond protection — stage payments
5.17Statutory Instrument No. 85 of 1997 — Solicitors (Professional Practice, Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1997
5.18New houses — HomeBond and deposit cheques
5.19Re: closing of sales without guarantee certificates
5.20Client memorandum on HomeBond
5.25HomeBond warning
5.27Premier guarantee scheme
5.28Unfair terms in building agreements
5.29Hybrid agreements for sale of new houses
5.30Indemnity re. roads, services
5.31New houses and exempted development
5.32Land Registry approved scheme maps
5.33Acting for both vendor and purchaser in sale and purchase of new houses and apartments: notice to all practising solicitors
5.35Breach of unfair terms order may be deemed to be misconduct
5.36Retention of units in apartment development by developer: stamp duty treatment and precedent documentation
5.37Land Registry booklets of title on CD-Rom for new houses