3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
4.1Leases of Dellinghouses 1978 (No. 1) Act
4.2Proof of compliance with covenants in lease reserving nominal ground rent
4.3Fee farm grants
4.4Guidelines re: lessor’s title
4.6Notes on service charge clauses in commercial leases
4.13Trap for solicitors in rent review clauses
4.14Landlord and Tenant Act 1980 — use of caretaker’s agreement
4.17Arrears of ground rent
4.19Notices to quit
4.20Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act, 1994 — renunciation
4.21Law Society rent review clauses
4.22Guidelines re: landlord’s title
4.23Pre-lease enquiries or check list
4.31Renunciation under S.191 Residential Tenancies Act 2004