3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
3.1Supply of maps
3.1Leases carved out of folios
3.3Vesting certificates
3.4Land certificates
3.5Land Registry map
3.5Land Commission consents — general consent to sub-division
3.6Section 45, Land Act 1965
3.7Land Act 1965
3.8Land Registry dealing numbers
3.9Land Registry folio numbers
3.10Undertaking to discharge Land Registry queries on transfer of registered land
3.11Land Registry mapping
3.12Extension of period of validity of sub-division consents
3.13Maps acceptable to the Land Registry in subdivision cases
3.14No pending dealings
3.14Section 72 declarations — secretarial companies
3.15Land Act 1965 — rights of establishment
3.16The Land Act 1984
3.17Land Registry — execution of affidavits abroad for registration purposes
3.18Exempted “Towns” under Section 45 Land Act 1965
3.19Exempted “Towns” under Section 45 Land Act 1965: county index to exemption
3.21Land Registry scheme maps: approval “subject to conflict”
3.22Certificate of no deaths or voluntary dispositions on title
3.23Land Registry — application for a new folio for part of registered land not involving a change of ownership
3.24Land Registry: common omissions and errors in lodging applications for registration
3.25Registration of rights appurtenant to registered land
3.26Certificate as to no deaths or voluntary dispositions  / certificates of no dealings pending / undertaking to discharge Land Registry queries
3.28Obligations of vendor’s solicitor in relation to the explanation of non-monetary burdens which appear on folios or appear as “acts” on Registry of Deeds searches
3.30Certificate of no dealings pending
3.31S.I. No. 67 of 1994 — Land Act, 1965 (Additional Category of Qualified Person) Regulations, 1994
3.32Possessory title applications, Section 146 Finance Act, 1994
3.33Cancellation of family law burdens registered on folios
3.34Cancellation of land certificates on change of ownership
3.35Land Act 2005 — repeal of Sections 12 and 45 of the Land Act, 1965
3.37Proposed changes to law on adverse possession
3.38Draft Land and Conveyancing Bill 2005 — adverse possession
3.39Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006
3.41Liens — register them or lose them