3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
2.1Letter of undertaking
2.4Undertakings in the agreed form between the Incorporated Law Society and the Irish Banks Standing Committee
2.6Probate and administration
2.7Revenue undertakings — publicans’ licences
2.7Undertaking to Revenue: tax clearance certificates re: sale of licensed premises
2.8Certificates of title in residential (non-commercial) conveyancing
2.8Law Society booklet on undertakings
2.8Undertakings given in certificate of title cases
2.9Undertakings: house in the course of construction — a reminder
2.10Undertakings re: timber-framed houses
2.11Transfer of conveyancing file to new solicitor where client’s title is not yet registered
2.13Undertaking re: timber-framed houses — a reminder