3rd edition
Conveyancing Handbook
1.1Registration of a notice under the FHPA 1976 in the Registry of Deeds
1.2Precedent for registration of a notice in the Registry of Deeds under S.12 of the FHPA 1976
1.3FHPA, 1976 — evidencing spouse’s consent
1.4FHPA — consent of a minor
1.4FHPA — absence of supporting evidence to spouse’s consent
1.5Section 14 of the FHPA, 1976
1.6An unmarried company?
1.7FHPA, 1976 — transfer of sites for dwelling houses — certificates for Land Registry
1.8Proof of FHPA consent in separation
1.9Family Law Act 1981
1.10Consent of spouses; personal representatives
1.11Gifts and inheritances between spouses, transfer between spouses — evidence of status
1.12FHPA — powers of attorney
1.12Stamp duty on memorials
1.13FHPA, 1976 as amended by the FLA, 1995
1.17FHPA, 1976 as amended, Powers of Attorney Act, 1996 — consents and declarations
1.19Solicitors’ certificates -v- family law declarations
1.20Removal of notice of marriage from folio
1.21Restrictions eased on use of family law court orders
1.22Property not a family home — spouse should provide family law declaration
1.24Family law declarations — reviewable dispositions